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UHP Waterjet Cutting

UHP technology can pressurize common water to 100-400Mpa, and then eject through orifice,with the 0.3mm diameter, forming 800-1000m/s high speed jet, which is also called waterjet. Such waterjet has very high energy, which can be used to cut the soft material. If we add adequate abrasive into the waterejt, it nearly can cut all the soft materials. Adjust the pressure and flow of waterjet, and it can clean all kinds of materials with UHP water, like removing glue, paint, rust, etc.. We also can use UHP technoloby to sterilize, refresh the food, etc, which will benefit human-beings.
Waterjet cutting is the cold cutting technology, which is based on UHP waterjet technology. Comparing with heat cutting (fiber, plasma, laser, etc.), “waterjet” nearly can cut all the materials from soft to hard materials, especially thickness over 20mm. It is a ideal well-known means in machining carbide fiber, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, alveolar structure and composite material.

Waterjet technology has been applied in machining materials, like steel, copper aluminum, glass, ceramics, carbide alloy, plastics, artificial fiber, cloth, paper, and composite, and it can be manufactured as structural parts or welded assembly. So waterjet system has become the newly manufactured assembly, used in new equipment-manufactured industries, like aerospace, military, railway, ships, automobiles, engineering mechanism, light industry, chemical industry, energy, architecture engineering field.


Comparison between Water Cutting and Laser Cutting

Laser cutting equipment requires large investment, and it is usually used to cut steel sheet, most non-metal. The cutting speed is fast, and precision is high, but there will be the crater in the kerf, which will result in the heat effect. Besides, laser cutting won’t be ideal in cutting nonferrous metal, e.g. aluminum, cooper, alloy, etc. Especially kerf is not ideal when the metal’s thickness is over 10MM. The current research on high-power laser generator is aimed at solving the cutting problem of heavy steel plates, but the equipment investment and operation, service cost is high. The advantages of waterjet cutting are low investment, low operation cost, wide application scope, high efficiency and convenient maintenance.


Comparison between Water Cutting and Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting has obvious heating effect and low precision, but the kerf is hard for secondary operation. Water cutting is operated in cold state without any thermal distortion, and the kerf is fine, which is no need to cut for machining for twice, but very easy for secondary operation.


Comparison of Water Cutting and Linear Cutting

Linear cutting has higher precision in machining metal but the cutting speed is slow. Sometimes, perforation and threading, and other methods are required before cutting and the cutting dimension is largely restricted. However, waterjet cutting can punch and cut any materials, with the high cutting speed and flexible cutting dimensions.


UHP Cleaning Technology is a newly developed high technology in the world, which uses kinetic energy of high speed waterjet to remove the dirt. It pressurize water to 40000 psi(300Mpa) through the large flow intensifiers drove by diesel engines and motors, and then eject water through circular arranged multi-orifices. The orifice is drived by the oil pressure or air pressure, forming multi beam, multi angle or different UHP revolved water-jet. UHP water can clean the surface, inner fouling, attachments and bulkhead. This system is usually controlled by the diesel engine, and only to be supplied with water, so it is flexible to be carried by automobile or assembled to UHP cleaning truck. UHP cleaning technology can clean all the deposit, which can make the surface smooth and clean. The cleaning speed is faster than manual cleaning. It is no need to add chemical drug, solvent or corrodent, and adopt the safety measures to be more environmental. UHP cleaning system and UHP cleaning water jet cutting system belong to application of UHP cleaning tech. The difference is the former is big flow, low pressure.


Comparison of Water Cutting and Other Cutting Methods

UHP waterjet cleaning belongs to physical cleaning means, which has such advantages comparing with the manual, mechanical, chemical, biological and other cleaning means.

1. The flow and pressure of waterjet is convenient to adjust, so it won’t hurt the substrate.

2. UHP waterjet won’t cause the secondary pollution. It doesn’t need to clean again after processing.

3. You can clean the materials of complicated shape and structure in the narrow space or bad circumstance. 

4. Unlike the chemical cleaning and biological cleaning, UHP waterjet cleaning won’t result in the problem of poisonous gas emission and environmental pollution. For instance, the cleaning rate of heat exchanger is only 95%, the 

5. UHP waterjet cleaning is fast and complete. The cleaning rate is up to 95%, and the dirt removing rate is 95%.

6. The water-jet cleaning only occupies the 1/3 of chemical cleaning. UHP cleaning belongs to thin water-jet. It is the energy saving equipment.

7. UHP water-jet cleaning has no special requirement for the nature, texture, shape for the cleaning types. It only requires that the waterjet energy.



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