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How to choose stone abrasive antique brush

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How to choose stone abrasive antique brush
How to choose stone abrasive antique brush

A good high quality stone abrasive antique brush should have the following characteristics:

·The brush should not fall off during the working process.

·The brush wire in the brush base should be fixed with high-strength stainless steel to prevent rust.

• A wavy curved brush wire should be used.

• The abrasive sand in the brush should not fall off due to the bending of the brush.

· Reasonable brush height and density.

· Brush wire should have high hardness and toughness in a humid environment.

• The brush should have good bending recovery.

· Brush wire should have good wear resistance.

The main points of use of stone abrasive brushes

Stone grinding brushes should pay attention to the following points during production and processing:

1. Add cooling water when grinding and polishing. Prevents the filament from being deformed by high temperature when the filament is rubbed at a high speed.

2. As the type of abrasive brush is from coarse to fine, the pressure applied to the brush on the brush should be large to small.

3. The hop number should be reasonable. Too much reduction in intermediate links can affect the grinding effect, which in turn may increase production costs.

4. Use a wire brush as much as possible. The wire brush is used in the first process to reduce the wear of the rough plate against the abrasive filament and prolong the service life of the abrasive brush.


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