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How to choose abrasive brushes for antique stone

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How to choose abrasive brushes for antique stone
How to choose abrasive brushes for antique stone
As antique look stone became more and more popular, abrasive brushes are required. So how to choose top-quality abrasive brushes? The following is writer’s viewpoints:
The stone abrasive brushes are made with nylon filaments, embedded with silicon carbide grit, fixed into brushes’ frame.
The brushes include following types:
  • FRANKFURT Abrasive Brushes, are used in hand and automatic grinding machine.
  •  FICKERT Abrasive Brushes, are used in granite automatic grinding line
  •  SNAIL LOCK Abrasive Brushes, with 110mm and 130mm diameter, are used in side grinding machine and step retreading machine.
  • ф110mm SCREW Abrasive Brushes, round brushes differentiate 14mm(MA14 ) and 16mm(MA16) with inside diameter and are used hand grinding machine
  • ф 200mm Round Abrasive Brushes, this kind brush is used in stone industrial polishing lines.
The appropriative Roller Brushes is used to produce anomaly antique looking stones.
When the abrasive brush is using for treating the stone, the silicon carbide grit inside can grind and polish the surface.
Because of the flexibility of the filament, under the press, the abrasive filaments can touch, grinding and polishing the all of surface even if the surface is uneven.
With the most fine grit, the surface can be polished, get satin result, and stone natural texture can appeared. At the same time, the stone achieve antique look surface and stain repellent ability can be improved.
So, how to choose high-quality abrasive brushes?
The filaments must be fixed to frame fastness, The filaments can not brush off during working.
The silicon carbide grit should be combined fixedly in nylon and distributed uniformity in the filaments, to prevent filament breakoff because grits are divorced from nylon or too much grits are centralized.
Filament should be bended wave shape to minish stress of filament and frame to prevent rupture. So that, The resilience of filaments can be remain and uniformity filaments can be polished on the stone surface.
The appropriate depth of hole in frame is important. Deeply embedded filament result in high cost and fleet one loss strength. Usually, the depth of hole in frame is not less then 10mm when the using filament length is 30mm.
Appropriate density and length of filament will affect the brushes’ cost directly. The higher filament will cause less rigidity and fall down during working, so, filament side over grind and cause them thin, then will rupture earlier and loss their life.
The abrasive brushes need not only the longer life, but also most aggressive for grinding and polishing.
Some customers only pay attention to the longer life. For meeting this wrong requirement, some factories reduce the content of silicon carbide grit in the filament. The brush that made by this kind of filaments is similar to “Longer Life Nylon Brush”, it isn’t the abrasive brush, because the grinding and polishing ability is depend on the silicon carbide grit inside.
Certainly, Too much silicon carbide grit inside will reduce the life of filament. So, the high quality filament is very important for the brush.
The top-quality abrasive brusher means: high-quality filaments, and good quality frame base, and precise technics for producing.
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