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How much is the processing requirements for moisture content?

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How much is the processing requirements for moisture content?
How much is the processing requirements for moisture content?

How much is the processing requirements for moisture content? The mineral content of mineral processing equipment beneficiation process is essential. So how to control the mineral water to a proper extent, this problem becomes the dressing equipment manufacturers have been attention! The beneficiation process material moisture and particle shape effects on the production of mineral processing equipment material contained in surface water increased in a certain range, mineral processing equipment viscosity also increased, surface moisture material can make fine each bond into a group, and is attached to the bulk, viscous material will put the mesh plug. These reasons make the screening efficiency is greatly reduced. Strict control of moisture and pollution status of mineral oil, is one of the most important parameters in order to ensure the performance of oil, is also an important guarantee to improve theindustrial products or automation system reliability. Mineral processing equipment attached to the external water material surface, has certain influence on material sieving; while in the pores and cracks in the material moisture and materials combined moisture, it has no effect on the sieving process. The same kind of material in different size of sieve surface, the effects of water on the screening efficiency is different. Mineral processing equipment sieve size becomes larger, the influence of water smaller. This is because the screen size is larger, the possibility of the mesh plug is small. In addition, the more important reason is because the distribution of moisture in the grain level is uneven. Particle size smaller level, larger specific surface area, water content is also higher. This you know the effect of water on the mineral processing of, also want to understand processing equipment, mineral processingequipment, iron ore dressing equipment, copper processing equipment and so on, can contact us.


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